Special Thanks

Mia and her family would like to thank the following

*Claire House For Keeping Mummy Sane
*Dr Briggs & Nurses @ Warrington Childrens Ward
*Nurses on the Neuromedical Ward & HDU Ward @ Alder Hey
*Dr Emma McCann & Team For Finding My Diagnosis
*Sue Lawtons Team For Always Being There For Us
*Foxwood Special School, and all their staff for making Mias time at big school so special
*Alder Hey ICU & Warrington Resus & Theatre Team for saving Mia's life in June 13
*CDKL5 Support Group for always being there for Mummy in the good times & the bad
*The Liverpool Rett mums & daughters for making this journey that little easier

Make a Donation...

So you would like to make a donation? Firstly, our personal thanks. We cannot begin to explain how much this means to us and how much an impact it will have on Mia. If you've already read the 'About Mia' and 'Fundraising' pages you'll understand just how much we've been through together already and just how much further we have to go.

No matter how big or small your donation, let me assure you it will be gratefully received and will be put to a good cause.

To make a donation using your credit or debit or card, or directly from your bank account (through PayPal), please click the button below. You'll be take to the PayPal website where you can enter your details and choose an amount you would like to donate.

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If you are not comfortable with using PayPal, giving your credit card details, or would prefer to send a cheque, or even cash then please drop me (Paula) an e-mail and I'll give you some alternative details.

You can reach me at paula@mialoudon.co.uk

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