Special Thanks

Mia and her family would like to thank the following

*Claire House For Keeping Mummy Sane
*Dr Briggs & Nurses @ Warrington Childrens Ward
*Nurses on the Neuromedical Ward & HDU Ward @ Alder Hey
*Dr Emma McCann & Team For Finding My Diagnosis
*Sue Lawtons Team For Always Being There For Us
*Foxwood Special School, and all their staff for making Mias time at big school so special
*Alder Hey ICU & Warrington Resus & Theatre Team for saving Mia's life in June 13
*CDKL5 Support Group for always being there for Mummy in the good times & the bad
*The Liverpool Rett mums & daughters for making this journey that little easier


The following are links to other useful websites or charities that we would like to share:

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Claire House Childrens Hospice
Official CDKL5 website, Set up by Parents of CDKL5
Oskars Craigs Website
Shannon Bradshaw Trust
Childrens Adventure Farm Trust
Mias school
All about Hannah-Mias friend also with CDKL5
All about Bella- Mias Friend also with CDKL5
All about Jade - Mias friend also with CDKL5
Retts Syndrome UK
All about Alexis - Mias friend also with CDKL5
All about Sid - Mias friend
Shes with Me - Collin Raye

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